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Pets stolen, slaughtered and turned into bar snacks in Cambodia’s dog meat trade


Warning: Graphic Pictures

Round three million canine are being stabbed, drowned, clubbed, hanged and offered on for meat yearly in Cambodia.

The trade is basically supplied by stolen pets, strays or unwanted canine offered to passing motorcyclists for aluminium pots and pans.

Captured creatures exercise their days in dinky and rusty iron cages looking ahead to their grotesque deaths.

Group at unlicensed slaughterhouses are exposed to deadly health risks like rabies and enlighten they are being traumatised by the day-to-day killings.

Ken Chan, who slices the throats of as much as six canine a day, burst into tears as he described how his job haunts him as he goes to sleep.

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Talking to loads of canine looking ahead to their destiny in a cage, he said: ‘Please forgive me. I don’t destroy you, I will’t feed my household.’

Global animal welfare organisation Four Paws saved 10 animals from drawing close death when they got a slaughterhouse in Takeo Province closed down on October 27.

Two of the canine there had been saved in a retaining cage by the owner as correct luck charms since they were puppies.

For 2 years they watched helplessly as their cage mates were brutally killed, chopped up, cooked and offered as bar snacks.

The power killed an estimated 2,000 canine yearly and offered dried dusky canine penises for males to wear for correct luck.

Four Paws within the starting put met with the owner of the slaughterhouse who said he became as soon as decided to rep out of the industrial.

He requested the organisation for lend a hand discovering an different livelihood and, after months of discussions, he developed a industrial notion to farm rice and vegetables.

A field became as soon as purchased and vowed never to rep fervent with the canine meat trade another time.

Four Paws took the ten rescued canine to its native accomplice ‘Animal Rescue Cambodia’ for instant clinical remedy.

There the canine would perhaps be cared for till loving fresh homes are realized for them.

Veterinarian and head of Four Paws stray animal care in Southeast Asia Katherine Polak said: ‘We’re so relieved to position an dwell to an operation which brought on the needless suffering of so many animals.

‘The rescued canine were in heartbreaking prerequisites. The two canine that sat within the exiguous cage for better than two years would perhaps maybe barely trudge because of excessive muscle atrophy of their legs.’

Four Paws is soliciting for an outright ban of the canine and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia.

A petition fetching 120,000 signatures in under a month says families are ‘torn apart’ by the industry.

But the trade is unruffled thriving, with canine meat eaten in loads of Asian worldwide locations from China and South Korea to Vietnam and Indonesia’s non-Muslim communities.

Activists enlighten question has declined partly because of the sigh’s growing heart class, who’re extra liable to dangle pets and glance ingesting canine as taboo.

But the brutal trade has flown under the radar in Cambodia the put roving canine catchers bring animals to slaughterhouses and ingesting places serving ‘special meat’.

Bike riders criss-defective the north of the nation buying and selling pots, pans and cookware for unwanted canine, loading them into a heavy rectangular cage on a attend seat and making deliveries to middlemen.

At a village in Siem Reap, ragged soldier Hun Hoy pulled a canine out of a cage and hung it on tree branch near drying laundry.

After gasping for breath for loads of minutes it stopped transferring.

The animal became as soon as then positioned in boiling water to receive away its fur and chopped into allotment.

Hun, 59, said: ‘On a correct day, I destroy 10 canine or 12 canine. I furthermore feel pity for them however I delight in to strangle them.’

A lady at one other slaughterhouse said: ‘By inserting them within the cage and drowning them in a pit we don’t delight in to listen to their cries’.

There is no explicit law prohibiting the canine meat trade in Cambodia, however laws exists which if enforced would perhaps maybe curtail it a great deal.

Four Paws enlighten a reside canine fetches between 1.80 Euros (£1.54) and a pair of.70 Euros (£2.31) per kilo.

But a kilo of raw meat is offered for as much as 3.60 Euros (£3.08), making it a winning industrial.

Person canine meat dishes continuously mark no longer as much as one Euro and are offered in better than 110 ingesting places in Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh on my own, per Four Paws.

Nearly all of possibilities are males, who have a tendency to eat the meat as a bar snack with alcohol.

Females in Cambodia have a tendency to eat canine at home for medicinal causes.

But the trade unruffled remains controversial amongst Khmer other folks no topic trade being so prolific.

Cambodia has one of many perfect rates of human rabies within the world partly because of a lack of canine vaccination programmes.

The canine meat trade gets rid of vaccinated animals from communities and transports those which would be contaminated with the disease into cities, inserting patrons, traders and butchers in possibility.

As he cooked canine meat stew with fermented fish paste in a village in Siem Reap, Pring, 33, said: ‘I got bitten by a canine however I did no longer rep vaccinated because when I returned it became as soon as leisurely at night.’

As an different he cleaned his hurt with cleaning soap and lemon.

Dr Polak said: ‘Inherent to the trades are terrifying cruelty to animals and unlawful activities, at the side of pet theft, as properly as to the very proper possibility of rabies transmission to communities and tourists.

‘This, coupled with the unsanitary prerequisites realized at ingesting places and slaughterhouses, capacity that persons are being exposed to potentially deadly diseases.

‘If Cambodia is serious about eradicating human rabies, the canine meat trade simply can’t be uncared for.’



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