Home Politics Biden slammed by Trump for role in 1994 crime bill

Biden slammed by Trump for role in 1994 crime bill


On Monday, President Donald Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for his involvement in passing the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act 1994.

“There is no chance of being elected if anyone would be linked with the 1994 Crime Bill. In that case, African Americans will be unable to vote for you” as tweeted by Trump. He also tweet “on the other hand I was legally responsible for Criminal Justice Reform, which has great support, and helped in fixing the bad 1994 Bill!”

By adding further he says, “There was complete involvement of Sleepy Joe Biden in passing Super Predator. “In the history of America that was a dark period but Sleepy Joe didn’t apologize at all”.

There was a main role of Biden as he was chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time in passing the 1994 bill. It has come out over his presidential bid, with critics saying the bill generated mass confinement because of which the minorities were excessively affected.

On the other hand, Biden has defended the bill and there was his role in passing it and denied that it resulted in mass confinement. Although, in the year 2015 President Bill Clinton apologized for signing the bill into law, saying he “made the situation even worse.”

Moreover, other 2020 presidential contenders from the party of Biden criticized him for his support for the bill, including Sen. On Sunday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Kamala Harris called Biden’s work on the bill “a huge mistake” during an appearance on “State of the Union”.



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