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Doctor with terminal motor neurone disease completes his transition into ‘world’s first cyborg’


A terminally-unwell British scientist death from a muscle losing disease says has utterly finished his transition into the world’s first corpulent CYBORG — called ‘Peter 2.0’.

Peter Scott-Morgan, 61, made up our minds to issue what it intended to be human when he refused to simply derive his fate following a prognosis of motor neurone disease in 2017.

He said he desired to push the boundaries of what science can ruin so made up our minds to increase his existence and became utterly robotic.

And this week the world-well-known roboticist returned to his residence in Torquay, Devon, after 24 days in Intensive Care, with all clinical procedures now total and in a space to birth his re-booted existence.

Nonetheless the evolution of his machine-esteem existence would now not cease there — and he joked he had more upgrades scheduled than Microsoft.

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A terminally-unwell British scientist, pictured, who is death from a muscle losing disease says has utterly finished his transition into the world’s first corpulent CYBORG — called ‘Peter 2.0’


Peter Scott-Morgan has passed via a advanced saunter to increase his existence within the face of motor neurone disease. 

  • He constructed a existence-esteem avatar so he can voice emotions after his facial muscles possess wasted away.
  • A high-cease wheelchair lets him pass round fast, stand and lie flat.
  • Laser detect surgical operation has given him friendly pc-utilizing imaginative and prescient. 
  • Leer-tracking know-how will enable him to operate computers.
  • A feeding tube has been inserted straight into his belly.
  • In a identical vogue, a catheter and colostomy accumulate lift care of his toileting needs.
  • Most no longer too long within the past, the educated had his larynx decide to ruin saliva getting into his lungs.

The area-well-known roboticist has had to endure a sequence of extremely advanced and unhealthy operations for the length of his saunter.

This has included rising a remarkably existence-esteem avatar earlier than he lost any of the muscles in his face frequent to accomplish expressions.

The avatar is designed to answer utilizing artificially gleaming body language.

Dr Scott-Morgan is additionally exploring utilizing detect-tracking know-how to enable him to manipulate loads of computers utilizing easiest his eyes.

And the closing plan in his robot transition saw him successfully exchange his issue for potentially decades of existence.

He underwent a laryngectomy, that formula he lost his bodily issue, but in doing so, he’ll live away from the added likelihood of saliva potentially getting into his lungs, ensuing from his condition.

Dr Scott-Morgan had previously labelled this treatment because the tip of Peter 1.0 and the originate of Peter 2.0.

He confirmed the guidelines on social media this week alongside a image and a message that ‘Peter 2.0 is now online.’

He wrote: ‘Right residence from 24 days in Intensive Care.

‘All clinical procedures now total and an substantial success. My mini-ventilator retaining me breathing is a LOT quieter than Darth Vader’s.’

‘All speech is synthetic but finally sounds esteem me but again. Prolonged analysis avenue ahead but in massive spirits.’

It used to be Peter’s first message to his legion of followers since he signed off closing month what he described as his ‘closing publish as Peter 1.0.’

Dr Scott-Morgan shared the image with the caption: ‘CORE OF CHARLIE (my Cyborg Harness And Robotic Locked-In Exoskeleton), the brilliantly engineered Permobil F5 Corpus VS. As a high-cease wheelchair, it stands, lies flat, rises, goes like a flash. Soon, with loads of added robotic hi-tech, it’ll boldly skedaddle where no wheelchair has long past earlier than!’

He confirmed that on October 10 he could well be trading his issue for ‘potentially decades of existence’ as he finished the closing clinical plan for his transition within the identical month he used to be told that statistically he could well be stupid.

He added: ‘I am no longer death, I am reworking. Oh, how I adore science.’

Dr Scott-Morgan, of Torquay, Devon, has all over his profession been granted ‘unparalleled confidential bag admission to’ to authorities organisations, banks and main corporations.

He has been utilizing this scientific journey to work with decreasing-edge know-how experts to became Peter 2.0.

Talking of his transition on his web set, he said: ‘Once I bid ‘Peter 2.0’, I mean ‘a Cyborg’.

‘And as soon as I bid “Cyborg”, I develop no longer appropriate mean any mature cyborg, you realize, but by some distance presumably the most developed human cybernetic organism ever created in 13.8 billion years.’

‘I am scheduled to became the world’s very first corpulent Cyborg.’

‘Nearly all the pieces about me is going to be irreversibly modified – body and brain.’

‘It goes without announcing that every my bodily interplay with the world will became robotic. And naturally, my existing five senses are going to be enhanced. Nonetheless some distance more importantly, share of my brain, and all of my exterior persona, will soon be digital – utterly synthetic.’

‘From then on, I will doubtless be share hardware / share wetware, share digital / share analogue.’

The avatar could well perhaps support Dr Scott-Morgan voice himself with facial expressions when he loses motion in his face

‘And it could no longer ruin there; I’ve obtained more upgrades in development than Microsoft. Mine is now not appropriate a version exchange. It’s a metamorphosis.’

The scientist has additionally been exploring detect-tracking know-how, to enable him to manipulate loads of computers utilizing appropriate his eyes.

Among various issues, this will mean he could well also alter his possess digital mattress and a hoist to assist him pass.

This detect-tracking know-how, formula that he could well also no longer attach on contact lenses, and so he has passed via laser detect surgical operation to enable him to possess friendly imaginative and prescient at 70cm- the distance from his pc camouflage camouflage.

The scientist additionally has a principal high-cease wheelchair, which he said on Twitter is ‘brilliantly engineered’ and permits him to face, lie flat and skedaddle like a flash.

This week he announced the closing plan in his transition precise into a robot where he traded his issue for potentially decades of existence

He has passed via further pioneering surgical operation in what he believes to be the first ever operation of its style, to insert a feeding tube straight into his belly, a catheter straight into his bladder and a colostomy accumulate straight onto his colon.

These procedures could well perhaps support him to take care of any skill feeding and toileting complications, helping him to lift his independence.

Nevertheless, he wired online that here’s an extremely unhealthy plan for somebody with MND.

Despite the risks of operations and being terminally unwell, Dr Scott-Morgan says he isn’t very any longer within the friendly strategy to reside on his condition, he intends to ‘thrive.’

He stays sure and most frequently, comical, seeing his drawback as a likelihood to with no doubt comprise scientific capabilities.

Dr Peter Scott-Morgan, 61, along with his husband Francis. Dr Scott-Morgan shared the photo on social media with the caption: ‘Here’s my closing publish as Peter 1.0. The next day I exchange my issue for potentially decades of existence’

Genuinely, the Scott-Morgan Foundation which he establish of abode up along with his husband, Francis, seeks to impart synthetic intelligence, robotics and various excessive-know-how methods to transform the lives of those ‘restricted by age, unwell-properly being, incapacity, or various bodily or mental drawback.’

On his web set Dr Scott-Morgan said this imaginative and prescient is much from appropriate a dream: ‘We’re within touching distance of changing – all the pieces. I am no longer death – I am reworking!’

‘Here’s terminal disease esteem you’ve got got by no formula considered it earlier than. And as some distance as I am eager, lift it on.’

‘MND hasn’t even begun to lift me to my knees. And even long after I am locked In, I will accumulated be standing tall.’

The Scott-Morgan Foundation which Peter, staunch, establish of abode up along with his husband Francis, left, seeks to impart synthetic intelligence, robotics and various excessive-know-how methods to transform the lives of those ‘restricted by age, unwell-properly being, incapacity, or various bodily or mental drawback.’

‘Thanks to HiTech – I will discuss but again. I will divulge Emotion and Personality. And I will attain out and touch the folk I adore. And I will no longer be presumably the most easy one.’

‘Over time, an increasing form of more with MND, with indecent incapacity, with mature age, with a ardour merely to prick unfastened from their bodily straight-jacket, will beget to face beside me.’

‘And we’ll have the opportunity to all stand tall. And we’ll have the opportunity to stand proud. And we’ll have the opportunity to stand unbowed. And we’ll have the opportunity to lift standing, year after year after year after year after year’

‘Due to we refuse merely to “Cease Alive”. We beget to thrive.’


Historical past 

The NHS describes motor neurone disease (MND) as: ‘An outlandish condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weak point that gets worse over time.’

The weak point is attributable to the deterioration of motor neurons, upper motor neurons that saunter from the brain down the spinal wire, and lower motor neurons that unfolded to the face, throat and limbs. 

It used to be first discovered in 1865 by a French neurologist, Jean-Martin Charcot, ensuing from this truth why MND is most frequently identified as Charcot’s disease. 

In the UK, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is most frequently known as Motor Neurone Illness, while within the US, ALS is most frequently known as a explicit subset of MND, which is defined as a community of neurological disorders.

Nevertheless, per Oxford College Hospitals: ‘On the self-discipline of 90 per cent of patients with MND possess the blended ALS originate of the disease, in relate that the phrases MND and ALS are continually frequent to mean the identical thing.’ 


Weakness within the ankle or leg, which could well also manifest itself with journeys or drawback ascending stairs, and a weak point within the power to grip issues.

Slurred speech is an early symptom and can later worsen to encompass drawback swallowing food.

Muscle cramps or twitches are additionally a symptom, as is weight loss ensuing from leg and arm muscles rising thinner over time.  


MND is difficult to diagnose in its early levels because loads of stipulations could well also establish of abode off identical symptoms. There could be additionally no one take a look at frequent to envision its presence.

Nevertheless, the disease is frequently identified via a course of of exclusion, whereby ailments that manifest identical symptoms to ALS are excluded. 


The NHS says that MND is an ‘outlandish condition’ that predominantly affects older folk. Nevertheless, it caveats that it is going to electrify adults of any age.

The NHS says that, as of but, ‘it isn’t very any longer but identified why’ the disease occurs. The ALS Affiliation says that MND occurs all around the world ‘with no racial, ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries and can affect anybody’.

It says that battle veterans are twice as doubtless to make ALS and that males are 20 per cent more doubtless to bag it. 


There could be now not any treatment for MND and the disease is fatal, then but again the disease progresses at various speeds in patients.

Of us with MND are expected to reside two to five years after the symptoms first manifest, although 10 per cent of victims reside no longer lower than 10 years. 

Occupational treatment, physiotherapy and medicines equivalent to riluzole are frequent to palliate the outcomes of the the disease. 

Lou Gehrig used to be a vastly long-established baseball participant, who performed for the Sleek York Yankees between 1923 and 1939. He used to be illustrious for his strength and used to be nicknamed ‘The Iron Horse’

Lou Gehrig’s Illness

To boot to being identified as ALS and Charcot’s disease, MND is continually in most cases known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Lou Gehrig used to be a vastly long-established baseball participant, who performed for the Sleek York Yankees between 1923 and 1939.

He used to be illustrious for his strength and used to be nicknamed ‘The Iron Horse’. 

His strength, popularity and reputation transcended the sport of baseball and the condition adopted the name of the sportsman. 

He died two years after his prognosis.  



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