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Doctor’s girlfriend ‘got cancer after she fell asleep in the sun when he prescribed sleeping tablets


NHS e-book cardiologist David Hildick-Smith leaving the tribunal in Manchester

A heart doctor’s lady friend developed skin most cancers after she kept falling asleep in the sun because he kept giving her drowsing capsules for insomnia, a tribunal heard.

NHS e-book cardiologist David Hildick-Smith gave the mummy-of-one so many further sedatives on prime of these she had been prescribed she grew to was addicted to them, it is claimed.

The girl – also a senior doctor – used to be diagnosed with melanoma and claimed the capsules precipitated her to doze off in the sizzling California sun for many hours.

She took them when she used to be jet lagged after prolonged haul alternate flights from her dwelling in Surrey to San Diego.

She said she would wake up with extreme blisters and burning to her skin.

Cambridge-expert Hildick-Smith, 55, who works on the Royal Sussex County Sanatorium in Brighton had prescribed Diazepam, Zolpidem and Zopiclon to the girl even though she used to be not his patient, it used to be alleged.

On one occasion the Professor of Interventional Cardiology on the Sussex Cardiac Centre allegedly prescribed a direction of 84 diazapam capsules in a single slip even though Ms A used to be being given anti-depressants by her GP.

He used to be charged with misconduct by the Licensed Scientific Council after she made a criticism about him in 2017 announcing: ‘My handiest scheme is to scrutinize justice – I earn handled this very discreetly over the previous seven years with out inciting a public farce.’

On the Scientific Practitioners Tribunal Provider in Manchester the unnamed girl identified handiest as Ms A said: ‘I’m not appealing to describe lies. 

Cambridge-expert Hildick-Smith, 55, who works on the Royal Sussex County Sanatorium in Brighton had prescribed Diazepam, Zolpidem and Zopiclon to the girl, it is claimed

‘I own right here isn’t a lie at all because when I went to undercover agent a dermatologist he said to me that I had obviously had intensive burns to my motivate when I had been sedated for a alternative of years.

‘I had taken a large doses, therefore I had fallen asleep in the sun for many hours. 

‘I had blisters and burning and it used to be the conceivable that used to be the explanation in the motivate of melanoma – that’s what the doctor informed me. I don’t earn it now if this hadn’t took affirm.

‘I earn handled this very decently and done all the pieces thru the GMC. I own I earn handled this to boot to any one could, despite all the pieces I earn been by which earn been an unpleasant ten years of my existence.

‘I wasn’t his patient I used to be his accomplice and he prescribed to me the use of private prescriptions and sanatorium prescription pads. I used to be by no means David’s patient.’

Mr Hildick-Smith (centre) the Professor of Interventional Cardiology on the Sussex Cardiac Centre, allegedly prescribed a direction of 84 diazapam capsules in a single slip even though Ms A used to be being given anti-depressants by her GP

The Manchester listening to used to be informed the pair met in 2009 at the same time as they earn been conducting medical trials on the sanatorium. 

They started a relationship when went to a convention in San Francisco attended by a alternative of cardiologists. She had previously been in a seven twelve months relationship with a prolonged haul airline pilot with whom she had a small one.

Omit Chloe Fairley counsel for the GMC said: ‘Ms A does raze reference to taking Zolpidem sooner than 2009 and that used to be in appreciate of her taking it whereas commuting between San Diego and her dwelling in Surrey when fundamental.

‘She used to be prescribed it by her GP before all the pieces of 2004 and he or she confirms that her GP prescribed it as and when she requested it. Her recollection is that as soon as she met Dr Hildick-Smith, he used to be aware she as soon as in a whereas took Zolpidem and that she struggled with the prolonged haul streak and struggled to sleep.

‘She also said in the direction of their relationship he used to be aware her GP used to be prescribing it her to support her sleep. 

The NHS e-book cardiologist worked on the Royal Sussex Sanatorium in Brighton (pictured)

But in 2010 Dr Hildick Smith started to prescribe them to her too. She says he saw her enjoy the capsules at evening earlier than they fell asleep and that he would prescribe the capsules in diversified ways including readily accessible written devices of A4 paper.

‘He would provide private prescriptions for the non-public sanatorium he worked on the use of prescription pads. 

In the direction of the time that he used to be prescribing to her he knew that her GP used to be prescribing it to her on and off. And she indicated that Doctor Hildick Smith didn’t catch a matter to her as to how many capsules she used to be getting from the GP, how many she used to be taking or how most frequently.

‘He said she must slip to diversified pharmacists as they could well honest was suspicious when it comes to the choice of capsules prescribed. She indicated that at some cases he would prescribe 14 days or 28 days price of capsules at a time. 

‘She has by no means been a patient on the cardiology division in Brighton and he has by no means handled her as a patient.’

Underneath inferior examination Dr Hildick-Smith’s licensed expert Steven Brassington said Ms A had been taking Zolpidem since 2002 after looking out for it over the counter in the US. He said on one occasion Ms A herself had known as an out of hours provider reporting symptoms of a response to anti depressants and two sleepless nights – having drag out of drowsing capsules.

He informed Ms A: ‘You adore to must end Dr Hildick-Smith practising medication and don’t take into consideration he must be allowed to. That that you just can enact anything and notify anything could honest not you? Are you any individual who’s appealing to enact anything to salvage what you like in existence. Ready to threaten of us to salvage what you like in existence?’

Ms A answered: ‘That isn’t correct. Perceive the violence your consumer positioned on me. And I by no means threaten of us. If I’m atrocious I apologise but I earn by no means lied to the trust investigation.

‘After I arrived for the trust investigation, the e-book accountable of it is a correct pal of David. The HR manager didn’t salvage entangled and the actual person that took notes used to be a first twelve months medical student and what he wrote used to be grammatically unsuitable so many spelling errors.

‘On the level the catch I had problems with dependancy David used to be prescribing already and he knew that I used to be taking Zolpidem on occasions when I used to be travelling prolonged haul. They earn been prescribed by my GP because I commuted between San Diego and Surrey for seven years.

‘But I then developed a drug dependency when my GP has handiest very as soon as in a whereas equipped me with drowsing capsules. Accusing me of being a liar is extremely offensive and isn’t undoubtedly the truth.

‘There is a mountainous distinction between as soon as in a whereas taking a tablet versus of direction taking them every single evening. My terror and my despair started within six to eight months within assembly David and he used to be already prescribing diazepam by that stage. The whole thing I said to the trust I believed to be truth mainly because David’s pal used to be interviewing me.

‘I had met David in October 2009 but the relationship started to endure in July 2010 when he went on vacation alongside with his ex-wife and slept in her mattress every evening. 

‘;From then onwards I wasn’t very well and wasn’t very well after that for years. There is a total distinction between dependancy and insomnia.’

Hildick-Smith denies dishonesty and misconduct. The listening to continues. 



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