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Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr. from Howard University dies at 89


Well known surgeon Dr. LaSalle Leffall Jr., who was an icon of Howard University Jr. has died at the age of 89. As a chairman of the Department of Surgery he served 25 years at Howard University.

In the year 1970, Dr. LaSalle Leffall became chairman of the Department of Surgery. At Howard, even till now at the age of 85 years, he was teaching as well as inspiring medical students in auditorium through his lectures.

The connection of Leffall with Howard University is very old since he started his medical career. From Howard University’s College of Medicine, he graduated first in his class and then in the year 1962 he became an assistant professor.

As the first African American, he serves as the national president of the American Cancer Society. An innovative program was launched by him to talk about cancer discrepancies among cultural populations.

On Sunday, President of Howard University Wayne Frederick pays tribute to Leffall in a letter to friends, students and alumni. “The various awards and achievements of Dr. Leffall only begin to highlight his excellent contributions to the field of medicine. He was a true son of Howard as well as a loyal example of the motto of the University: ‘Truth and Service’. He leaves behind a legacy of service as a true and long-standing donor who created prospects for future generations of students through his kindness”.

Apart from this, those who knew Leffall or were his students use various social media platforms for sharing their memories with him.



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