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Google adds new features Share search results with friends In one click


Google has added new features to play. Try again. That is to share what we search for other people or our friends (but now only available for Android). This feature will solve the problem for us. Well, when people ask where to find information from here From which website, we chase him to search on Google itself or argue about the various aspects of the information, ending the problem by sharing what we find to make everyone understand. This problem will end.

New features of Google are considered to be very current. Google will add a share button to the search box. When I find something interesting, I can share it with others. No need to copy the link to waste time and save a lot of time. Because normally when we share something, we have to copy the URL, which some websites will be very long. Sometimes, almost half the screen of a smartphone is available. But Google’s new feature doesn’t have that long link

The added share button is considered to be used. Suitable for people whose friends I like to think that you are Google. I like to ask where to find information from here. How to type this information? From having to tell him to go to find himself, changed to press to share End all problems and there is no question. But this feature is not yet available for use in Thailand But it is expected that it will not be too long.



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