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July 4: Important Days for Science, Us Receives Independence from Britain Learn Why


Fourth July is a special day for science in New Delhi. In the year 2012, scientists announced the success of detection of Higgs boson particle. In Geneva, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists claimed that they have achieved very concrete indications of God particle, i.e. ‘Higgs boson’ particle. Apart from this, the death of Swami Vivekananda, who flogged the country in India and abroad, was only on the same day in 1902. 

He honored the rich tradition of Indian philosophy and contemplation by highlighting it globally. The details of some other events recorded in today’s history in history are as follows … 
1776: US Congress declares independence from Britain 

1810: French armies occupy Amsterdam 

1827: Announcement of slavery was announced from New York. 

1897: Birth of Allurai Sitaram Raju, the great freedom fighter of Andhra Pradesh. 1 

1898: Gulzari Lal Nanda, a temporarily resident of India’s Prime Minister twice, was born in Sialkot. 

1902: Indian Manishi Vivekananda passed away. 

1946: Philippine receives independence from America 

1963: Pingali Venkaiah dies of freedom fighter, who designed the tricolor. 

1997: NASA’s Pathfinder Space probe landed on Mars surface 

2012: Cern scientists have told that they have discovered the new particle Higgs boson.



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