Federal officials issued a public alert  to avoid certain brands of frozen berries sold at Kroger and other grocery stores after the U.S Food and Drug Administration found traces of Hepatitis A.

The stores include Kroger, Ralph, Fry’s Fred Meyer and other chains recalled potential contaminated items from its “Private Selection” brand. The items that were recalled include: the frozen triple berry medley (48oz), triple berry medley (16oz) and the frozen blackberries (16oz).

Kroger said it removed the potentially affected items from their shelves and initiated its customer recall notification system that alerts customers who may have purchased recalled products through register receipt tape messages and phone calls. Those customer who have them at home should return them to the store for a full refund or replacement.

Receiving a Hepatitis A vaccination within two weeks of exposure could prevent illness, so all those people who might have consumed the berries should consult a doctor right away.