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Lost albums of the 2010s – what became of the albums we were promised but that never arrived?


As the last decade heads’ to a shut, we be awake just among the albums that had been promised, scrapped or honest haven’t arrived over the closing ten years

Whereas all americans’s brains are firmly mounted on the easiest albums of the 2010s (NME‘s definitive checklist is coming in November) it’s price taking a moment to be awake these that we never bought to listen to.

Whether or no longer that’s fleshy albums that had been scrapped in favour of the band or artist starting up over, data leaked with out the artist’s consent and never to be heard of their fleshy and accomplished kind, albums which had been promised for years now however light haven’t been released, or, in a single case, a file literally being destroyed, there are some indispensable omissions from basically the most tremendous-of lists.

We’ve dug into the misplaced albums of the 2010s, why they had been never released, and whether we can hope to listen to them in some unspecified time in the future in due direction.

Kanye West at Coachella 2019

Kanye West – ‘Yandhi’

Planned open date: September 29, 2018

What occurred? Two days before the planned open of ‘Yandhi’, Kanye played music from the album – featuring XXXTentacion, 6ix9ine and extra – to The FADER at their headquarters. After a leaked tracklisting came out, the album became delayed except that November. The same month, West tweeted that ‘Yandhi’ wasn’t with out a doubt accomplished and that he’d “train the open date once it’s finished”.

Will we ever hear it? With Kanye reportedly plot to open unique album ‘Jesus Is King’ before the stop of 2019, he’s bought other things on his mind. In September 2019, though, it became published that Ye is making an try to trademark the term ‘Yandhi’, resulting in hypothesis that the album could perchance also indeed be on the manner. The saga continues.

The Stone Roses – LP3

Planned open date: 2016/2017

What occurred? Delivery air the Crouch Live Studios in London in 2016, Ian Brown confirmed to NME that The Stone Roses had been recording unique music, calling it “beautiful” and saying it can per chance perchance near “rapidly”. It came three years after Mani acknowledged the band had been “working on just a few bits” of unique music. Over the following few years, the band continued to play reunion shows with out a unique music surfacing, and in 2017 the band’s biographer John Robb published that plans for the album had broken down, saying: “Between the four of them, there became an limitless third album in them. In the event that they’d perchance also luxuriate in moral made a file with out caring about the stress of expectation or industrial expectation. In the event that they’d perchance also luxuriate in moral jammed for 45 minutes, it can per chance perchance had been an limitless file.”

Will we ever hear it? With John Squire confirming earlier this year that the band luxuriate in indeed broken up, it seems very, unimaginable – however never divulge never.

My Bloody Valentine EP

My Bloody Valentine – LP4

Planned open date: 2018 0r 2019

What occurred? After waiting 22 years for ‘m b v’, the massively anticipated ‘Loveless’ discover-up, My Bloody Valentine fans weren’t waiting for but any other unique file for a whereas. Nonetheless, Kevin Shields suggested Sound On Sound journal in April 2018 that the band had been working on two EPs, with one released that summer season, and a 2nd to discover in spring 2019. He then acknowledged in but any other chat the probably first EP became being earlier as but any other as phase of a brand unique album, before scaling up his ambitions any other time, citing a thought to open two unique albums in 2019.

Will we ever hear it? There’s a fanciful probability that the music that the band had been teasing (and moreover debuted are living), will stare the sunshine of day, however specifics round what kind it can per chance perchance also grab, and even a imprecise open date, are somewhat valuable light up in the air.

Jai Paul – debut album (aka Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones))

Planned open date: Unknown (leaked on-line in April 2013)

What occurred? After changing into the buzziest title round with 2012 single ‘Jasmine’, the elusive Londoner had an album’s price of demos and in-growth discipline topic stolen and illegally uploaded to Bandcamp. Paul stayed restful on the narrate of affairs himself for six years before discussing the misfortune and officially uploading ‘Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)’ on-line, alongside the open of two unique songs. “I’ve grown to cherish that folks luxuriate in enjoyed that music and lived with it, and I rep that there is no manner to position that shit lend a hand in the field,” he wrote on the time. “Having a look lend a hand, it’s sad to take into consideration what could perchance also had been, however it with out a doubt is what it is and I needed to let hobble.”

Will we ever hear it? No longer in the manner that Jai Paul intended us to, on the least. The apt open and accompanying message luxuriate in drawn a line under the recordings, and the singer (presumably) continues to work on what’s going to with out a doubt turn out to be his debut album.

Brockhampton – ‘Crew Effort’/‘Pet’

Planned open date: 2018

What occurred? In March 2018, Brockhampton provided that fourth studio album ‘Crew Effort’, provided on the stop of 2017 with the open of their ‘Saturation III’ LP, became delayed indefinitely, and that they’d as but any other open but any other album called ‘Pet’ in mid-2018. That Might presumably presumably, though, troubling allegations had been made about member Ameer Vann, who became promptly kicked out of the group, resulting in ‘Pet’ being delayed. After cancelled tour dates and a duration of silence, the band made their comeback on the Jimmy Fallon record sans Vann, taking half in unique tune ‘I, Tonya’ and asserting a brand unique album called ‘iridescence’, successfully striking the non-generation of ‘Crew Effort’ and ‘Pet’ to bed.

Will we ever hear it? Releasing ‘iridescence’ and fifth album ‘Ginger’ since, there’s somewhat valuable zero probability that ‘Crew Effort’ and/or ‘Pet’ will ever surface.

Sky Ferreira – ‘Masochism’

Planned open date: 2015-show cloak

What occurred? Much less than two years after her standout debut ‘Evening Time, My Time’, Ferreira provided that her 2nd album became called ‘Masochism’. The title has remained fixed except now, though exiguous else has. By limitless promises of unique music luxuriate in advance and gone, alongside with messages discussing quite so much of logistical disorders as reasoning for the album’s delay it became handiest in summer season of 2019 that she released ‘Downhill Lullaby’, the first single from ‘Masochism’. The album light has no open date, though, and it looks nearly obvious that we’ll be waiting into the 2020s to listen to it.

Will we ever hear it? Nearly definitely, however after seven years and an limitless deal of confusion, the question of when we could perchance also hear it is as open-ended as ever.

Charli XCX – ‘XCX World’

Planned open date: September 2016

What occurred? After being delayed from an long-established autumn 2016 date into the next year, a whole album of Charli demos – dubbed ‘XCX World’ by fans and destined for her third studio album – became leaked in an analogous flip of events to these that stricken Jai Paul. It led her to open any other time on what would turn out to be LP3.

Will we ever hear it? With third album ‘Charli’ released in September 2019, featuring none of the songs supposedly plot for ‘XCX World’, the album seems destined to are living in demo kind eternally.

The Weeknd two new songs

The Weeknd – LP4

Planned open date: 2017-2018

What occurred? Speaking to Time about 2018 EP ‘My Expensive Depression’, Abel Tesfaye published that before the EP, he had accomplished an album that he describes as “beautiful” and “upbeat”. “Sooner than ‘Depression’, I had a whole album written, finished, which wasn’t depression at all on myth of it became a definite time in my existence,” he acknowledged. He went on to point to that the file became shelved on myth of it didn’t replicate his emotions on the time, saying: “I don’t are making an try to develop one thing that I don’t feel.”

Will we ever hear it? The verdict is somewhat conclusive on this one. Requested whether fans could perchance also ever hear the file, The Weeknd simply acknowledged: “By no manner.” Sorry!

Machine Gun Kelly – LP4

Planned open date: 2018

What occurred? On the stop of 2018, Machine Gun Kelly posted a message to fans, celebrating his music receiving half a billion streams. One day of the message, he acknowledged ”I didn’t give you the 4th album and I can’t cease eager on that,” revealing that he had a whole unique album ready to hobble before scrapping it and ranging from scratch. Saying that he’s now bought a firm title in mind for the unique file, Kelly concluded: “This one’s from the soul.”

Will we ever hear it? Perchance in some unspecified time in the future in due direction, however positively no longer for the time being.

Noel Gallagher x Amorphous Androgynous

Planned open date: 2011

What occurred? Noel determined it became shit, in most cases. Sooner than his 2011 solo debut album, Gallagher had collaborated with manufacturing duo Amorphous Androgynous, and so that they’d written an album together. Nonetheless, as Noel defined to NME in 2015, “I became in the course of a tour, that closing album had blown up, the mixes weren’t moral. And by the point I purchased lend a hand off tour I became moral bask in, ‘I’m no longer fucking striking out but any other file, I can’t be arsed’. I became frazzled and had glandular fever. I became fucked.”

Will we ever hear it? ‘The Correct Stuff’ and ‘The Mexican’, from Noel’s solo ‘Chasing The day gone by’ LP, had been on the muse songs from the AA collaboration, however hearing to any extent extra can be literally very no longer going – Noel owned the master recording of the album and destroyed it.



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