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Meet Roman Kemp – the Capital radio DJ doing I’m a Celebrity 2019


Among the slew of stars joining the I’m a Celeb 2019 line-up is Roman Kemp, the Capital FM radio DJ with a infamous dad.

Right here’s all the pieces you’ve got to grab about Kemp Jr…

I’m a Celeb 2019 line-up: Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp (Getty)

Age: 26

Famed for: Being a DJ on Capital FM, TV presenting

Twitter: @romankemp

Instagram: @romankemp

Phobias: “Cotton wool and I received’t love trials in the ineffective of evening”

Is Roman Kemp linked to Martin Kemp?

 Mosey, Kemp is the son of the Spandau Ballet singer – but his connection to his infamous dad is one thing Kemp is hoping to shake off in the jungle.

“I am continually in most cases known as Martin Kemp’s son so it would be nice for all people to glean to grab me a bit greater,” he said.

How does Roman Kemp know George Michael?

The leisurely George Michael changed into Kemp’s godfather. Kemp’s mother, Shirlie Kemp, changed into one of Michael’s backing singers in Wham!.

Michael launched her to Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp, they most ceaselessly remained appropriate chums after her and Kemp married.

It’s reportedly Kemp’s connection to the leisurely singer which helped believe the radio DJ an even attempting prospect to ITV executives.

“He must enjoy countless showbiz tales about his chums,” a source told The Sun.

“If he selected to reminisce about George, that can well per chance be moderately emotional.”

What other TV presentations has Kemp starred in?

Alongside Capital Breakfast, Kemp has acted as a narrator on ITV2’s competitive reality series Bromans, and as a slow the scenes reporter on The X Factor and Childhood in Want hasten-off Rocks the 80s.

He has also regarded in Celeb First Dates in 2017, played for The Leisure of the World for Soccer Support and watched TV alongside his dad for the celebrity version of Gogglebox in 2019.

What has Roman Kemp said about doing I’m a Celeb?

As an alternative of his uncommon phobia of cotton wool (“I will represent it as love a nail going down a chalkboard – it has that believe on me!”), Kemp is resplendent daring when it comes to jungle residing.

“I am no longer petrified of the drinking trials because I grew up with Dad’s cooking!” he quipped. “I enjoy the drinking ones I could disfavor but I could believe them. The demonstrate is iconic and you ought to believe all the pieces.

“I love this programme so significant. I love it when it kicks off with the first demonstrate and you glimpse Ant and Dec strategy.

What took space with Roman Kemp’s social media accounts? Why did he wretchedness an apology?

Prior to his space in the I’m a Celeb line-up being confirmed, Kemp admitted he had deleted historic social media posts that featured injurious or offensive language.

“I did gain issues I’m on no story ecstatic with. I don’t affiliate myself with that. I do know the individual that wrote this stuff is no longer the man I am now, but they were there,” he said in his Instagram fable.

“I don’t need the legacy I if reality be told enjoy on the net to be a space where there might be negativity, or one thing that can well trigger offence.

‘For any individual that has ever been offended by one thing I if reality be told enjoy said on-line, I am if reality be told, deeply and completely sorry.”

It comes after Kemp bought 60 Ofcom complaints last 365 days after he known as the tune of a K-Pop band “noise”.



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