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Police strip-searched minors at Australian music festival


An investigation has been launched in Australia after police strip-searched 30 young of us at a song competition.

One officer ran his hands around the buttocks of a 17-year-outdated boy and touched his genitals all around the possibly illegal searches at the Lost City Music competition in Sydney.

The tournament for under-18s used to be held in Sydney Olympic Park on February 23 and is now the topic of an inquiry by New South Wales Police.

Australian police are exclusively allowed to function strip-searches in excessive eventualities, and a dad or mum or guardian wants to be show if minors are targeted.

As public hearings began Peggy Dwyer, counsel to the inquiry, mentioned three ladies and 27 boys had been strip-searched and, in accordance with recordsdata, exclusively five had an acceptable grownup with them.

The inquiry targeted on the cases of three boys who were instructed by officers to touch their very win genitals.

A vogue of, a 15-year-outdated boy mentioned: “I felt like I’d lawful done something rotten but, like, I’m lawful searching to toddle to a song competition.”

The 17-year-outdated boy mentioned he used to be instructed to “favor up his balls” and “squat and cough,” the inquiry heard.

Dr Dwyer mentioned: “He did so, after which asked, ‘Why is this going down?'”

The third boy, used 16, mentioned he had been instructed to “take hold of his penis and favor it up.”

Dr Dwyer mentioned: “The male officer inserted his hands inside of [the boy’s] lingerie, and made contact alongside with his testicles.”

None of the three boys were stumbled on to be hiding tablets.

The most senior police officer supervising the tournament instructed the inquiry an “insignificant number” of minors were strip-searched at the tournament which used to be attended by 10,000.

He mentioned: “The threat of someone bringing tablets into the tournament is terribly critical on legend of it is going to lead to death.”



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