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Sainsbury’s bans the sale of fireworks in all of its stores due to welfare concerns for pets and the elderly


Grocery store monumental Sainsbury’s has announced that it has banned the sale of fireworks in all of its 2,300 retail outlets.

A spokesperson printed the retailer had made the resolution because of welfare issues for the elderly and pets.

The retailer had traditionally stocked fireworks forward of Diwali and Man Fawkes’ evening.

Sainsbury’s has banned the sale of fireworks this year in all of its retail outlets (Credit: Pexels)

“Fireworks are no longer available in our retail outlets,” a Sainsbury’s get acknowledged.

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They added: “Possibilities can continue to recall from a spread of seasonal products, equivalent to glow sticks and gentle-weight up spinning wands.”

In the UK, it’s illegal to beneficial fireworks between the hours of 11pm and 7am – as opposed to on cases equivalent to Unusual 300 and sixty five days’s Eve and Bonfire Evening.

The circulation is to present protection to the welfare of dogs who create not admire loud bangs and the elderly (Credit: Pexels)

The circulation has been welcomed by customers and charities, with the loud bangs and flashing lights frequently distressing for animals and older participants.

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It is miles on the whole reported that fireworks are regularly linked to anti-social behaviour.

Hey there, I’m in actual fact hoping I’ve heard accurately and Sainsbury’s are not selling fireworks this year? My son was once a sufferer of firework misuse on his bus last year! Therefore if this news were factual I’d be overjoyed and commend you!!! Thanks

— Ashley Gordon (@Gordonmummy) October 17, 2019

Confirmed the news on Twitter, Sainsbury’s acknowledged they wouldn’t be “selling fireworks in any of our retail outlets this year”.

A spokesperson for the Canines Belief welcomed the news and acknowledged: ‘We congratulate Sainsbury’s on their resolution not to sell fireworks this year and would serve others to enact the same.”

We congratulate Sainsbury’s on their resolution not to sell fireworks this year and would serve others to enact the same.

They added: “Even in the event that they can stare helpful, fireworks can even be very distressing for dogs when let off impulsively.”

The Canines Belief welcomed the news (Credit: Pexels)

The get persevered: “To gash lend a hand the wound precipitated to dogs we would admire their exercise restricted to licensed public shows, which may perhaps well well be effectively publicised. This can enable house owners to buy steps to prepare their dogs forward of any fireworks events.”

Purchasers also commented on the news, with many welcoming the ban.

@sainsburys Need to convey effectively done & thank you. Been informed native department #Stanmore won’t b selling fireworks this year due 2 the wound it causes our pets & plant life and fauna. Every other retail outlets doing this? Can’t thank you ample as my dog is beside herself with terror at these cases. ????

— Sally Woolf (@Sallymcb) October 14, 2019

@sainsburys @CAMarthritis Let’s all safe in the lend a hand of Sainsbury’s and lend a hand their ban on selling fireworks for the sake of our pets, the elderly and plant life and fauna. Thanks and effectively done Sainsbury’s ❤️

— Trish (@trishrebel) October 17, 2019

Thanks so unheard of Sainsbury’s for not selling fireworks in any of your retail outlets ??@sainsburys

— Kim Matthews (@kimmymat) October 16, 2019

Some participants requested the other tall supermarkets what their plans were and in the event that they may perhaps well be banning the sale of fireworks too.

Dear @Tesco. What is your stance on #fireworks this year? I hope you’ll be following @sainsburys exemplary lead in not selling them? Except then, I may be browsing with Sainsbury’s @FireworkFAB

— Michelle Smith (@MichellefromFY7) October 17, 2019

Well done Sainsbury’s for banning sales of fireworks let’s hope the other supermarkets follow

— Karen Robins (@KarenRobins37) October 17, 2019

Right here’s unbelievable news Sainsbury’s. Very impressed and grateful at your stance on the sale of fireworks. Now the relaxation want to follow swimsuit. ??

— Melissa Moremon (@melissamoremon) October 17, 2019

Well done @sainsburys ?

I dread this time of year for Our uncomfortable plant life and fauna, animals & also dogs on the streets!!

Let’s hope the colossal action of Sainsbury’s will buy on spherical other retail outlets!

Changed into once concerned to stare my native @Morrisons with a elephantine hide out already! #BanFireworks https://t.co/UmC9oN0lT1

— Canines On The Streets (@dotslondon) October 16, 2019

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