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Social media usage peaks during Ramadan


The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, intended to bring worshippers closer to God through long hours of fasting, contemplation and prayer, is bringing more visitors in the Middle East to Facebook and YouTube than any other time of the year, making the month also the prime time of the year for advertisers.

People stay up a lot more at night during Ramadan and gave more downtime, especially before iftar, the evening meal that breaks the daylong fast, and the “suhoor” when people gather to eat before another day of fasting.

According to the Middle East’s managing director for the social network, which also owns Instagram and Whatsapp, people spend 5 percent more time on platforms at this time if year. This translates into 2 million extra hours on Facebook’s services, as well as sweeter prospects for advertisers, craving consumers’ and attention, and possibly bigger revenues for the social media giant.



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