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Super Singer 7 Finale Voting Results 9th November – Can Sam-Vishal win Super Singer Title?


super singer 7 top 5 finalists

But yet some other day to head for Natty Singer 7 finale as the head five contestants are gearing as a lot as provide their final finest performance to originate most votes one day of finale. Vijay Television has ensured that voting traces shall be opened except Sunday 10th November 8 PM as target market can preserve voting except then. Here is to make definite they internet most time to vote and day after day a person can provide upto 50 votes.

These are the head 5 contestants waiting for your vote – Sam-Vishal, Murugan, Punya, Vikram and Gowtham. The winner of Natty Singer finale will internet a likelihood to explain in Tune Director Anirudh composition and a condo price 85 lakhs by Arun Excello.

Natty Singer Finale Vote casting Results November 9 – Sam-Vishal can light draw shut Natty Singer Finale Title

Natty Singer finale voting outcomes as of Saturday 9th November 2019 7: 30 am

Here is the voting consequence analysed with our poll and varied gigantic singer polls one day of on-line and the outcomes are consolidated

  • Sam-Vishal followers can waste sure as their current singer light has the opportunity to draw shut Finale. He trails by 8% vote which is equal to around 9000 votes and if 200 followers of Sam-Vishal give him 50 votes it’s light that that you just too can take into consideration for him to draw shut title.
  • Murugan is leading voting with 39% votes and seems stable to draw shut Natty Singer Title
  • Some polls are asserting Punya is at number 2 while there are polls asserting Vikram has overtaken Punya to internet into high 3. Nonetheless we salvage that Punya is light in high 3 with 12% vote
  • Vikram is at no. 4 with 11% vote and has likelihood to internet into high 3. Vikram followers preserve voting.
  • Gowtham is light trailing within the aid of Vikram with a 8% vote piece

    How To Vote For The Natty Singer Finale Contestants On-line

    • Traipse to Google, register and look ‘Natty Singer Vote’ (or) ‘Natty Singer 7 Vote‘
    • Click on the candidate for who you resolve to vote.
    • Grab the vogue of votes (most of 50 votes per day).
    • Click Submit.
    • Your votes shall be efficiently submitted to Huge name Vijay TV.

    Vote casting in The News Crunch Poll:

    Alternatively vote in our voting poll to internet outcomes on who will draw shut the Natty Singer 7 finals

    Vote and keep your current contestants

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