The Basics of a 360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback goes by the name of a multi -dimensional feedback mechanism. Basically this is a system of feedback where employees are evaluated based on the views of people with whom they work in an organization. This could be their subordinates and even peers in their organizational set up. This issue could range from implementation of the right tool across all departments in an organization. If performance appraisal system is implemented in an organization it has the ability to enhance profitability and productivity of a firm. The reason being feedback or views is provided by people outside the organization that enhances the efficiency of the overall workforce.

Failure is a view that suggests whereby you need to alter the approach to achieve the right goals. Once you hit the rock bottom the need of the hour is to adopt a different approach. Often when organizations adopt a feedback mechanism and they do not contribute to positive results, they abandon it or go on to pick up something new. You cannot always lay the blame on tool efficiency. Sometimes the issue could be lacklustre aspect on the part of the HR department to implement the feedback. Of late 360 feedback software has stormed the market ensuring that this module is an instant hit straight away.

An objective outlined

To have a vision is one of the most important steps to conduct a 360 degree appraisal. Before you set out on your vision to a performance appraisal method, have a clear cut objective in mind. Since one organization is different from the other, so too the difference in terms of values, ethics and culture. Hence it is imperative to outline the feedback of conducting an objective survey. If you have an aim in mind it goes a long way to figure out how successful the feedback mechanism would be. By a 360 degree feedback it can outline the performance appraisal, hi potential identification or be it succession planning. Along with it the workflow of the participants is panned out.

More know about the participants

Participants also referred as feedback providers needs to be based on the responsibility and the frequency of their communication with the ratters. This is going to help them obtain relevant feedback. HR needs to take a balance between critical and positive feedback. As far as the feedback providers are classified you can classify them as managers, peers, customers or managers. The seekers feedback is also take into consideration what he does think of others opinion. When you analyse it the feedback from all quarters is beneficial for the company and even the employee.

Preparation of a relevant questionnaire

To prepare pertinent questions is important to understand more about an employee at an individual or group level. As the experts have an eye for detail, they come up with questions in order to analyse the performance or behaviour of an employee. Once you prepare the right set of questions it goes on to formulate a sense of self- awareness in an employee. If there is no expert guidance it can lead to inaccurate results.

Employees become familiar

The problem with a 360 degree feedback can be solved by market research. Once you sort it you can breakout the news to the employees. Research is of the opinion that it is crucial to familiarize the employees as what is about to come before blasting them with emails on feedback surveys. For the feedback system to be introduced to the employees a couple of sessions would be needed as how it would benefit them personally and even the organization in the long run . Apprehensions would creep in about the system of feedback by some employees.

Obtain comprehensive reports

The 360 degree feedback ends up with a final report. For this reason it is important that the feedback of a 360 degree mechanism is present in a concrete manner. An employee needs to understand what would be their strength along with weakness. This is going to urge the workforce to concentrate on the development goals so as to lead to maximum output. The reports should guide the individuals on route of their development journey.

The features associated with a robust 360 degree feedback appraisal system

Selection of the right appraisal system for your company is a challenge as every company is unique. But when you are looking for a 360 degree feedback the intuition and views of the employees have to be taken into consideration. If the 360 degree feedback system is good it would seamlessly integrate with the workflow and become part of the management appraisal process. As part of the features of a 360 degree performance appraisal system some other features to consider are

Cost effective and easy sign up

Every organization is looking on the lines to implement a cost effective 360 degree assessment module. It might be necessary for each employee for a variety of reasons. If the tool is not affordable it is expected to incur extra costs have an impact on the overall budget. Once it is a pocket friendly option it might provide you with an opportunity to pay through various mechanisms. If the platform or the website is easy to sign up it also becomes easy.

24/7 support

Participants can participate in the survey at home or during office hours as it is difficult to set up rigid timelines. What would happen if the candidate faces an issue at midnight and no support is available. No need to worry. A viable 360 degree feedback comes to the rescue. The moment participants face any issue with a 360 degree feedback they can call up the toll free number or send an email from the subject matter experts.

Easy in using

Once you use an interphase of a platform it develops a positive impression in the minds of participants. If the 360 degree performance system is of top order it would not look clustered or unorganized. A holistic view of the participants along with their views is brought to the fore.

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