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The Horoscope of Wednesday 17 July 2019: if someone does not promise


Do you want to know what the stars reserve for you on Wednesday 17 July 2019? Read the horoscope. The mantra of today: if someone does not promise. Bim, bum, bam, today Venus (sweet and in the mood for being romantic) will quarrel with a Saturn who never stops limiting himself from being well, having fun. That is why Cancer, Taurus, Libra, and Pisces will openly rebel against anything or anyone that will try to make them more serious, less light. Meanwhile, the Moon will be critical with the promises of a Mercury that says without knowing, but also suspicious towards Uranus and its changes, so that Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio will have to better manage the lunar experiments

Aries – The daily horoscope

For once, you and the people you love will go at the same speed, search for the same things, the same spaces and the same freedoms. Because if Mars in this period makes you intense and uncompromising, here is that someone today really will never bear the limits and the rules. Just like you.

Taurus – The daily horoscope

Venus and Saturn will live today opposites, something that for Taurus indicates a lack of desire to commit oneself, aversion to the rules and the need for freedom. So much so that, in the second part of the day, your new emotions will find a way to make you change, to make you look elsewhere.

Gemini – The daily horoscope

A practical question today could get out of hand, or at least not go as you would have liked, as you would have liked. And it could put you in a bit of a bad mood, with unexpected reactions and shots of impatience. Try to keep your emotions under control, not to overdo it.

Cancer – The daily horoscope

Venus, precisely from your sign, today will oppose Saturn, a planet that inhabits the opposite side to Cancer, sharply and fiercely. For this you will understand that you are often demanding with those you love, being proud of your sweetness, protecting even the most romantic dreams, those in color.

Leo – The daily horoscope

After a quiet day, after all, the Moon will come in opposition to the Lion making itself noticed, heard. Because his strength will immediately highlight the doubts of Mercury, but also the scarce love that you feed for the many surprises of an ever-looming Uranus.

Virgo – The daily horoscope

Venus and Saturn today will be in tension, opposites and really firm on their respective positions. And the Virgin will live this opposition trying to decide if and how many practical questions can disturb her present, can hinder the summer with its solar rhythms.

Libra – The daily horoscope

Impossible for you not to notice the opposition that today will contrast Venus and Saturn. An aspect that tells very well about your current need to emerge and do something important, unique. Going even against the rules, weights, and obligations that do not allow you to fly.

Scorpio – The daily horoscope

A bit boring, to tell the truth, the Moon that today will get sideways in your day. The moon that will make you extremely critical of the wrong ideas, towards something that changes and that transforms without you being able to prevent it or perhaps decide it. Always keep the mood high.

Sagittarius – The daily horoscope

Attention to how you will behave in the second part of the day, to the type of emotions and messages you will transmit to the people you will have close to. You may in fact appear to have little understanding with their indecisions, absolutely impatient and suspicious with their promises.

Capricorn – The daily horoscope

Saturn now settles accounts with a Venus in opposition, and the aspect deserves to be looked at with some care. Because the pink planet will often highlight your insecurities, your sober and shy style, your inclination towards detachment, always and in any case. Make criticism constructive.

Aquarius – The daily horoscope

As soon as it arrives in your sign, the Moon will immediately make a certain noise. Making you rather controversial and intolerant towards the lies of Mercury, towards chronic indecisions in relationships. You could also become sensitive to a family issue that just doesn’t convince you.

Pisces – The daily horoscope

For you, fun is free and absolute, and can never accept rules or limits because it would be a contradiction. This is why today you will often be rooting for Venus, a planet that you like and that you enjoy, even if Saturn will try to slow it down, to change your mind or your path.  



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