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Trump urges more investment from Japan


Donald Trump kicked off his state visit to Japan and on the first day of his four-day visit to Japan, said that  Japan has ‘substantial’ trade advantage over the U.S., and asked Japanese businesses to invest more in order to rebalance the situation.

The president hailed U.S.-Japanese relationship and said the two countries are “working together to promote mutually beneficial investment.” while addressing the businessmen at the U.S. ambassador’s residence. He said that the two countries understands each other and are working on a bilateral trade deal.

“For many, many years Japan has had a substantial edge over U.S., but that’s alright, maybe that’s why you like me so much,” Trump said.

The US is already in the middle of an expensive trade war with China, and similar tensions are simmering with the European Union. Trade is expected to be addressed during more formal talks between Trump and Abe on Monday. Trump has already warned Japan with tariffs on automobiles and auto parts if Japan does not agree on giving ground to the U.S. in talks.

In his speech, he said the two countries are getting close to a deal that would address the U.S. trade deficit. The deal, supposedly will help in addressing imbalance by removing barriers to U.S. exports and ensuring “fairness and reciprocity” in the U.S.-Japanese relationship.



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