Home Politics Trump’s top economic adviser, Kevin Hassett is resigning from his job

Trump’s top economic adviser, Kevin Hassett is resigning from his job


President Donald Trump said the White Houses’s top economist will “shortly” leave his post, but did not provide a reason for the latest high-level departure from the administration.

“Kevin Hassett, who has done such a great job for me and the Administration will be leaving shortly. I want to thank Kevin for all he has done – he is a true friend!” Trump tweeted Sunday night as he traveled to Europe for a five-day trip.

Hassett’s impending departure comes at a time of drama between the United States and some of its main trade partners. A trade war is brewing between the United States and China, while Trump has vowed to impose punitive tariffs on all Mexican goods in an intensifying dispute over migration.

In an interview, Hassett clarified there is no pressure on him to leave the role. He added that its normal for CEA chairman to step down after two years.

Trump says he will name what he calls a “very talented replacement” as soon as he returns to the US from his trip to Europe.

Hassett served as chairman of the CEA since September 2017. Hassett, with a knack for citing statistics, has long praised the president’s policies as spurs for economic growth – both on television and in White House briefings, when those were more frequent occassions.



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