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Watch Solange's Incredible Multi-Song Tonight Show Performance


As soon as you happen to have ever considered Solange stay, you needless to enlighten her performances – in theaters, at festivals, wherever – are intricately staged, tremendously spirited spectacles. She is aware of concepts to provide these particular objects. Solange is a large singer, and she's acquired huge songs, nonetheless there are different huge singers with huge songs. Solange turns her performances into all-drinking musical and visual feasts. She checks every part of her performance – the preparations, the choreography, the stage grasp. And she makes these performances feel love expertly realized particular person visions. Final evening, she managed to raise visions to the late-evening TV stage, which is able to be an easy component to make.

Final evening, Solange used to be the musical customer on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Expose . Earlier this yr, she released When I Get Home , a holistic of a-portion album mostly produced from loose, transient song-sketches. Final evening, she gave a nine-minute Tonight Expose performance. The album is handiest 40 minutes long. That system her five-song When I Get Home medley used to be an immense phase of the album.

This has been Solange's first late-evening performance of 2019, and she set the entirety into it. She was a great choreographer, and she was a great choreographer, with her back up singer and with the crew of dancers who came onstage in her abet. The song used to be fluid and jazz-told, and the staging used to be immaculate. At one level, she sang while being lovingly encircled by this form of glittery swamp-monster. It is a no doubt huge TV performance, and you would possibly be glance it under.

When I Get Home is out now on Columbia.



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