sony acid pro 7.0 d – Acid pro 7 is a legendary software until now. For those of you who love remixes, of course you are very familiar with this one software.

Although this version 7 is very old, the way it is used and its ability is also unquestionable with Magic Acid 10. Well, on this occasion, for those of you who still don’t know how to install Acid Pro 7 software on Windows 10, see the following method.

Acid Pro 7

Almost 3 weeks ago that I helped my friend to install the acid pro 7.0 software on windows 10. I don’t know why it turns out to be very difficult because you don’t know how to install it correctly.

It failed many times when patching the keygen. What happen?

Even though in windows 7 that’s easy install. Understandably pirated acid pro software is complicated in the registration process. After I brain tinkering turned out to be successful too. Well, this is what I got to share.

How to Install Acid Pro 7 Crack On Windows 10

  • Don’t connect to Internet on your laptop or pc (go offline).
  • Turn off all kinds of antivirus on your computer.
  • Install the acid pro software (setup.exe) until it’s finished. Just keep on next.
  • Open acid pro installation. When the serial number request column will appear don’t panic. Immediately open the keygen file (keygen.exe) inside the folder. Don’t forget when you open it, use the “run as administrator” method.
Keygen acid pro
  • Select acid pro 7.0 and click patch then browser to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\acid pro folder.
  • Select the shared plugin folder then hit Ok.
  • If successful, a message for the patch successful process will appear.
  • Next, copy the serial number from the serial number column as shown above, then paste it into the serial number column in the acid pro software. Next.
  • An Identity form appears, just fill it out because this is just a requirement. Save the document folder then Next.
  • Last part, copy the activation/Authentication code and paste it in the column acid. Next…
  • If successful, acid pro 7 will open immediately.

If fails, try again. Maybe when you open the keygen file and do the patching process (you forget to click and run them as administrator).

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